Camp St. Croix

Parents of 6th grade students: please return your Camp St. Croix forms as soon as possible. There are many tasks that need to be completed to successfully organize this trip. Thanks for helping us move the process forward!

Also, if you are able to lend a hand, we are still looking for a few volunteers to make this a great experience:

  • We need parents to organize student luggage before and after Camp St. Croix.
  • We need parents to drive luggage to and from camp.
  • We also need parents to help chaperone activities during the days at camp, as well as stay overnight.

All parents that are volunteering need to have a completed background check. If you have had a background check for the Minneapolis school district in the past year, you are good. If you have not done a background check in the past year, please get a background check form from the office or one of the math teachers.

We will be sending a packing list and more details about activities we will be doing at camp home with students in about a week. Keep your eye on the Ramsey Website for a section on Frequently Asked Questions and Important Things to Know for Camp.

Thank you so much for your support and patience!