Intersession week is quickly approaching! All Ramsey students will participate in exploratory activities between January 20 and January 22. 

On Wednesday, January 20, each grade will have a whole group event. The 6th grade will stay at Ramsey and have a service learning lock-in! The 7th grade class will spend the day at Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Park. Led by their teachers and students from the Washburn National Honor Society, they will have a courage retreat put on by Youth Frontiers. It is a day for students to play games and participate in activities and discussions all about having courage to be a great community member. The 8th grade will depart in the morning for Buck Hill and spend the day skiing!
For the remainder of the week—Thursday and Friday—all students will participate in a variety of special intersession classes. The class offerings are invented by our amazing staff and reflect their interests, talents, and passions. You can see the list of classes under the academic program tab on the RMS website. Each student will be enrolled in 2-3 of these classes which meet both Thursday and Friday.