iPad Program Update

Dear Ramsey Community,

I want to communicate our needs for making adjustments to our 1:1 technology program at Ramsey. I am working closely with our Technology Council, District IT Department and our staff on the best most sustainable model for Ramsey and our students. Technology is one of the founding cornerstones of Ramsey. We want to sustain our technology for student learning. We are finding that travelling back and forth with students is causing some more frequent damage to the iPads. We are not losing the 1:1 model at Ramsey, however we are moving to a 1:1 cart model. Students will have access to iPads on a daily basis at school.

Students will hand in their Ipads at semester for reimaging and clean up. Our goal is to work towards a sustainable technology plan. We have begun to survey families. We will be taking guidance from the district IT department, we will work with Site Council and the Technology Council to inform and implement a more effective plan.

Reasons for moving to an iPad cart model semester 2 of 2017:

  • We are currently down over 90 iPads because of shattered screens for various reasons. The anticipated return time on these is over 2 months (the cost to repair these would be  $4500- $15,000 total - depending on the model of iPad).
  • We only have 8 extra loaner iPads for teachers to give to students during class to supplement with; which is not enough to provide one for every student in class needing to use an iPad while they are being fixed.
  • The stock of most iPad covers/cases we are currently using are not sufficiently protecting the iPads and are not in good condition. Replacement cases would cost approximately $50 each. We would need about 500 cases to replace the older cases and cases no longer in working condition. Total cost could be $25,000.
  • The older iPads (iPad 2s - most are original iPads to Ramsey from 2012) are slowly becoming not compatible with our current software and apps. For example: students are usually not able to view videos (even through MyMPS), often unable to view and post class assignments on MyMPS, etc. if they are using an iPad 2. There are about 300 iPads that would need to be upgraded to stay current with the software. New iPads are approximately $400 each ($120,000). Approximately 300-400 of our 850 iPads would need to be upgraded at least every 2 years to stay current with the software.
  • A reliable stock of iPads are needed in order to take the MCA and other tests. Currently, the older iPads are crashing/causing problems while testing because they are old/out of date and not compatible with new and current software.
Changes that teachers will make to accommodate the new iPad cart set-up:
  • Teachers will take into consideration that not all students may have access to technology at home and will provide appropriate alternatives as needed (i.e. paper copies) if tech based work is assigned.
  • Homework/classwork needing to be done on the iPad outside of the classroom when a student does not have access can work with the teacher to set up time to use an iPad in their classroom over the lunch period, before/after school.
  • Teachers will modify lesson plans for apps/lessons that cannot save material on individual student iPads, allow time during each class to save content to google drive and allow time during class to retrieve and return iPads to cart.
Changes students will need to make:
  • Students will need to save work to their google drive account during classes when needed (connected to their school e-mail address). Their google drive account can be accessed from any device at home or school.
Erin Rathke, Principal