Sean Prichard

My name is Sean Prichard, and I teach Orchestra at Ramsey. This year I'm teaching Beginning Strings, Varsity Strings, Symphonic Strings, as well as group lessons and small ensembles. This is my first year at Ramsey Middle School, and it's thrilling to see the orchestra program grow into its own. 

A Minnesota native, I grew up in Northfield and received my degree in Instrumental Music Education from Gustavus, with honors in Composition. I also spent a few years teaching in South Korea, before moving back to the North Star State.

I believe that #EverybodyCan succeed, and #EverybodyCan become a musician. Personally, I love being involved in music in any way I can, whether it's playing classical or rock or bluegrass, or teaching, directing, composing, or recording. My personal goal for this year is to find out ways to incorporate technology into all those areas of music, in an effort to open the doors for more students to be involved.

In addition to music, I also enjoy exercising, biking, playing ultimate frisbee and disc golf, and a good book on a rainy day. I love to do all of those while I explore the Tangletown neighborhood!


Sean Prichard|
Teacher, Orchestra
Ramsey Middle School | Minneapolis Public Schools