Rename Ramsey Update

The final five name options are being discussed by the student body this week. Students will have a chance to vote for their favorites at an assembly later this week. The greater RMS community can provide feedback at our event on February 28 (more information about the event can be found here).

To learn more about each of the final five name ideas for our Middle School, check out our website:

George and the Dragon will be hosting a benefit brunch on Sunday, February 26, from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm to raise funds for the name change. Ramsey students will be working as servers and 100% of your patronage will go directly to the Rename Ramsey fund. The event will be reservations-only, so book early. Please contact Fred or Stacy at 612-208-1047 for details and to make reservations. If you’re unable to stay for brunch, or can’t get a reservation, you’re always welcome to drop by and participate by donating to this great cause!