Ramsey Social Studies

6th grade Minnesota Studies

In sixth grade social studies, students will investigate US History through the lens of Minnesota's shared history, and will integrate the study of geography, government and civics, personal finance and microeconomics in order to develop a more dynamic and interdisciplinary understanding of Minnesota Studies. We will examine many moments in Minnesota's history such as its indigenous populations, the arrival of white Europeans in the 16, 17, & 1800s, the abolition movement, the Civil and Dakota Wars, immigration, the Industrial Revolution, the Rights Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s, and modern Minnesota. Students will engage in inquiry through multiple modalities such as analyzing primary and secondary sources, embedding artistic analysis and design into our study of Minnesota history, and collaborating on project based learning and guided inquiry. We will take special care to view Minnesota's history through the eyes of many multicultural stakeholders.

7th grade United States History

Peter M. Stearns of the American Historical Association said: "History should be studied because it is essential to individuals and to society, and because it harbors beauty." We will be exploring the importance of history in our own lives, how history contributes to moral understanding, how history provides identity, and why studying history is essential for good citizenship. Through inquiry-based studying, students will be expected to formulate and evaluate their opinions based on factual information gathered from primary and secondary sources. We will view American History through a multiple perspective lens to help our future world citizens function with a more open mind. Students will be empowered by their increased knowledge of how their country operates and how they can impact and react to change. Our 7th grade US Studies course will focus on history in the United States as it unfolds in the early 1800s to the present day.