Regardless of how students arrive at school, safety is our number one priority. Please adhere to the following systems to ensure students are safe.


Students who ride a bus will receive their bus schedule through mail from the Transportation Department about a week before school begins each fall. If you have bus issues during the school year, please notify the school office.  Students who take buses enter the building on the Nicollet side. If necessary, the district’s transportation number is (612) 668-2300

Student Drop-Off

Drop-off is on the 49th Street side. You will be redirected to the 49th Street side if you attempt to drop students off on the 50th Street side. We do this to ensure the safety of students during this busy time.


Bike racks are located on the 50th Street side of the building. Students who ride bikes to school must secure them with a lock. We recommend a “U-lock” as cable locks are easily cut. Bikes cannot be stored in school. Ramsey is not responsible for stolen bikes/helmets. We encourage our students to wear helmets when riding their bikes. It is important that the children are walking their bikes in the parking lot defensively.

Parking Lot

If families are coming into the school to meet or volunteer, please feel free to use the parking lot on 50th Street.