Volunteers & Donations Needed

Treats for Teachers
Show our wonderful Ramsey staff how much they are appreciated by supporting "Treats for Teachers.” Bring or send in a treat for the staff to enjoy on the first Wednesday of each month.  Treats can be a simple bag of fruit, a veggie tray, baked goods, chips and dip or salsa, a family favorite, or anything you would like to send in! Contact Heidi Knaus with questions at haknaus@yahoo.com or sign up here for any of the Treats Days this year.

Art Room Needs
The Art room needs magazines for this semester’s Surrealism collage unit. Please drop them off in the office marked “Art Room”. Sports, National Geographic, or teen magazines especially wanted!

We are also looking for small objects—do-dads, hardware, beads, woods scraps, old CDs and any other random small junk for our Assemblage Unit next fall. Time to clean out your junk drawer and tool box!