Ramsey World Language Course Descriptions


Marhaba! The focus of Arabic I is to build the basic foundation for success in subsequent levels. By the end of Arabic 1, students will be able to ask and answer simple questions on familiar/personal topics, understand carefully constructed speech that is sympathetic to the needs of non-native speakers, write using learned phrases and memorized expressions, and have a basic understanding of cultures in Arab-speaking countries. Topics that will be covered include: introductions, room vocabulary, school classes and supplies, and family and foods.


Marhaba! Arabic II begins where the first year left off. Students will improve and increase their three modes of communication. By the end of level two, the students will be able to start, maintain, and end a simple face to face conversation on topics that are familiar to them. Students will also be able to understand what is said clearly and slowly on familiar topics and read and understand authentic written materials. Further, the students will be able to describe their interests, activities, and personal experiences using several simple sentences in the present and past tenses. Topics included are: school daily routine, staying fit and healthy, and create a good community.


Spanish I is a course designed to guide students in the practice of being adept world citizens through the use and exploration of a language new to them. Students will be immersed in the target language and investigate Spanish-speaking cultures in their immediate-and world-communities. The four modalities of listening, speaking, reading, and writing will be practiced to acquire vocabulary, develop communication skills, and enhance language learning strategies in the context of Spanish-speaking cultural situations.